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Oldies but Goodies: Sex In The Coupledom: A Powerful Absence

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Jill is taking a break from the blog this weekend to rest and relax post Hurricane Irene. Here is one of her most popular posts from the past year or so. Excerpt: No Shame Needed Here: The fact that a significant number of couples are not having great sex, frequent sex […]

Sex In The Coupledom: A Powerful Absence

Sexual Intimacy MIA?: “A common clinical adage is that sexuality contributes 15-20% to a marriage’s serving of shared pleasure……… When sexuality is difficult or non-existent, it plays an inordinately powerful role, perhaps 50-75%.” (McCarthy & Metz, 1997). When physical intimacy is missing in action in The Coupledom, its importance soars! No Shame Needed Here: The […]

Musical Beds: Bedtime and The Coupledom

Hidden Yet Common:   Many couples spend their nights in separate bedrooms. Most often this begins when raising young children and in many cases, ends when that acute phase is over. Musical beds:  This refers to the night time movement from bed to bed of parent or child, that begins, not with music,  but with a […]