Parenting Adult Special Needs

Welcome. If you’re just discovering my blog and want to catch up to my series of daily posts about Parenting Adult Special Needs: One Day At A Time, this is the place to start. The series chronicles, from a parent’s perspective, our daughter’s transition as she ages out of the school system into the adult special needs phase of her life. To make your journey easier, the posts are listed here beginning with the first entry through the most current.

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One Day At A Time: Parenting Adult Special Needs Collected Posts

Parenting Adult Special Needs: One Day At A Time

Crazy Quilt: 4-2-11

Having a Comrade Helps: 4-3-11

Funding: A Cautionary Tale: 4-4-11

Apartment Hunting and Oprah: 4-5-11

Are We There Yet: 4-6-11

Parenting Special Needs: Find a Mutual Passion: 4-7-11

Confusion Looms: 4-8-11

Looks Like She Is Ready: 4-9-11

Structure or Regression: 4-10-11

Our Daughter The Blogger? 4-11-11

Exiting: The Purpose of This Meeting 4-12-11

Building Momentum: 4-13-11

The Alphabet Soup of Adult Special Needs: 4-14-11

Bureaucracy versus Safety: 4-15-11

Female and Special Needs: 4-16-11

On The Same Page: 4-17-11

Our Daughter’s Question: 4-18-11

Graduation 2011: Again? 4-19-11

“Oh, The People You’ll Meet”: 4-20-11

Good News and More Questions: 4-21-11

The Young Ladies Are Getting Psyched: 4-22-11

Aging Out Scenarios: 4-23-11

Easter Sunday With Our Daughter: 4-24-11

Graduation Queen: 4-25-11

Needs Based Assessments and IQ: 4-26-11

Discomfort Zone: 4-27-11

Inspection Rehearsal: 4-28-11

Clarification: No Magic Wand Here: 4-29-11

Becoming a Client: 4-30-11

In Transit: 5-1-11

Do You Have To Be Educated To Raise A Special Needs Child? 5-2-11

“Grad or Age-Out” and The Importance Of The Case Manager: 5-3-11

Training For Mother’s Day: 5-4-11

Protecting The Siblings of Special Needs: 5-5-11

Agency Transition Meeting: 5-6-11

Dating? 5-7-11

Romance and Special Needs: 5-8-11

Cousins Fill The Friendship Gap: 5-9-11

Sex Education and Special Needs: 5-10-11

Where Were The Parents? 5-11-11

Taking A Break: 5-12-11

Special Needs and The White House: 5-20-11

Closing In On Aging Out: 5-21-11

SPHERE, Special People Indeed:  5-22-11

Exited: 5-23-11

Graduation #1: 5-24-11

All Graduations Are Tear Jerkers: 5-25-11

Job Description…Mom: 5-26-11

The Little Mermaid: 5-27-11

This App’s For You: 5-28-11

Count Down to June 12: 5-29-11

How Do You Translate Special Needs Into English?  5-30-11

A Five Year Ritual Ends: 5-31-11

Momentum Building, It Must Be June: 6-1-11

Proving Need, Is It Over Yet? 6-2-11

Home For Ever: 6-3-11

Fast And Future Friends: 6-6-11

The “R” Word: 6-7-11

On The Brink Of An Apartment: 6-8-11

The Apartment Challenge Continues: 6-9-11    

Off To Graduation Weekend: 6-10-11

The Blossom Award: 6-13-11

OMG We Got The Apartment, I Think:  6-14-11

The Little Cottage: 6-15-11

Keys To The Future: 6-16-11

Giving Away The Bride: 6-17-11

Charles Dickens Pays A Call: 6-18-11

She Rocked The House and Stole The Show: 6-19-11

Sounds Similar, But Don’t Be Fooled: 6-20-11

Tighten The Purse Strings and A New Peer Group: 6-21-11

Parents Search For The Best Package: 6-22-11

Who Will Teach Her Now? 6-23-11

Knowing My Limitations: 6-24-11

Buying Underwear At The Mall: 6-25-11

A Flip of a Coin and The Illusion of Permanence:  6-26-11

Special Needs Sense of Humor, Without Judgement: 6-27-11

One A.M. Bedtime and Visiting Gaudi: 6-28-11

The Strangeness Of Proximity: 6-29-11

Finally A Walk and A Talk And Health Concerns: 6/30/11

Make It Even: 7-1-11

Vacationing With Special Needs: 7-9-11

When Something New Is Ventured And A Horse Named Milos: 7-10-11

Waiting For The Little Bus, Again? 7-11-11

The Pop-In, A Flat Tire But A Decent Day: 7-12-11

Madam Librarian And A Home In Two Towns: 7-13-11

The Day Ran Away With Me: 7-14-11

Staff With Bounce And Mom Bumps: 7-15-11

Not All Links In The Chain Are The Same: 7-16-11

Ambiguity Doesn’t Work For Special Needs: 7-17-11

Pots, Pans and New Plans: 7-18-11

The Red Couch: 7-19-11

No Cable, No Move? And Mucho Dinero: 7-20-11

Successfully Installed With One Glitch: 7-21-11

Cleaning Sticky Books: 7-22-11

This Moment Of Now: 7-23-11

Back To Reality And A Star Magnet: 7-24-11

How Do You Teach Gratitude And Hurrah For The Other Mother: 7-25-11

Count Down: 7-26-11

When Will We See Her Again? 7-27-11

Haunting Scenarios: 7-28-11

Bed Made, Now Sleep In It: 7-29-11

Night Time Fears: 7-30-11

The Chocolate Fountain and Mom’s Cognitive Confusion: 7-31-11

A Poignant Passage? 8-1-11

Successful Launch: 8-2-11

I Like This New Phase: 8-3-11

Off To The City, Feeling A Little Giddy: 8-4-11

Full Mailbox: 8-5-11

The Quesadilla Maker: 8-6-11

Funding A Life and Some Polo Play: 8-7-11

A Thumbs Up On Planet of The Apes: 8-8-11

“Buck” Brings A Tear: 8-9-11

A Visit From DDS: 8-10-11

A Date And A Cake: 8-11-11

Pregnant, Tired Or Fired? Nope Just Gone: 8-12-11

A Trot And A Halt: 8-13-11

Deluge And Delay: 8-14-11

Losing A Friend: 8-15-11

A Condolence And Busy Being Neighbors: 8-16-11

The Night Shift and Supplemental Needs Trusts: 8-17-11

Expressing Sympathy And A Special Needs Match: 8-18-11

The Elusive Job Piece: 8-19-11

Our First Separation: 8-20-11

Sheer Coincidence and The Personal Pays Off: 8-21-11

Closing In On Fall: 8-22-11

Did You Miss Me? 8-23-11

Oh No, Hurricane Irene, Disappointment Brewing? 8-24-11

Attaining A Rhythm: 8-25-11

A Sticky Visit and To Cry Or Not To Cry: 8-26-11

Awaiting Irene: 8-27-11

A Very Social Storm: 8-28-11

She’s Back: 8-29-11

Yearning For Return: 8-30-11

Skunked And Bumped: 8-31-11

No Power, No Water, No Daughter: 9-1-11

One Mother Wanted To Schmooze: 9-2-11

No Dad’s Paintings Please: 9-6-11

The Thirty Day Meeting and Temporal Awareness: 9-7-11

Uggs, No Hugs: 9-8-11

A Celebration For The Artists:  9-9-11

How Smart Is Humor: 9-10-11

Sibling “Sonshine”: 9-12-11

Looking Ahead And Behind: 9-13-11

ROAR Follows Up: 9-14-11

Purposeful Blogging, Pass It Along: 9-15-11

A Litter of Kitties and Buck: 9-16-11

A Date With A Lady: 9-17-11

An Oblong Moon and Courage: 9-18-11

DSS Messes and A Scary Future: 9-19-11

Oh What A Night! 9-20-11

I Believe In Dreams: 9-21-11

I 95 North: 9-22-11

A Shared Grief and A Puncture: 9-23-11

Flying Home On A Donut: 9-24-11

I Am Busy With Something: 9-25-11

All About Me: 9-26-11

Holes in The PJ’s and Snagged: 9-27-11

Witch/Which Mother? 9-28-11

Happy New Year: 9-29-11

The Mayor’s Daughter, Some Dogs, A Mini-Melt: 10-02-11

Local Forgiveness and “Anything Goes”: 10-03-11

Entitlements? Well Maybe Not For Long: 10-04-11

A Times Square Gal: 10-05-11

Mom’s Boundaries: 10-06-11

Part of The Process, Not The Solution: 10-7-11

Sequined Skirt and Silver Shimmer Shirt: 10-08-11

Patches Missing In The Quilt: 10-09-11

Join Their World: 10/10/11

Double Negatives and No Plans: 10-11-11

Post-Traumatic Momma; Completing The Quilt: 10-12-11

What, No Cheesecake? 10-13-11

Trouble In Paradise: 10-14-11

More Than One Mother: 10-15-11

Full Circle: 10-16-11

Love Her For Who She Is: 10-17-11

Angelfish: 10-18-11

A Magical Combination & A Swimming Buddy: 10-19-11

No Answer, Not Much: 10-20-11

Spirals Of Anxiety: 10-21-11

Tender Care: 10-22-11

Sick & Pissed: 10-23-11

Giardia and Feral Cats: 10-24-11

We’re Getting There: 10-25-11

Two Moms Celebrate: 10-26-11

Pulling Back? 10-27-11

Ringworm! 10-28-11

Power-Less Sorceress: 10-31-11

Medicaid Mix-Up But Power! 11-01-11

Coming Up On 22: 11-2-11

Two Lady Grumps With A Lot To Share: 11-3-11

Super Giggles: 11-04-11

We Are So “P” of You: 11-5-11

The Delights of Difference: 11-06-11

Humor, The Antidote: 11-07-11

Oil Change: 11-08-11

An Off Day: 11-09-11

The Senior, The Cat and The Daughter: 11-10-11

Is This A Joke? 11-11-11

Shaking Things Up: 11-12-11

Home Heals: 11-13-11

Minds Have Met Before: 11-14-11

Not Checking In: 11-15-11

Coffee Grinds: The Sequel 11-16-11

Amongst The Stars: 11-17-11

War: 11-18-11

A Hairbrush, Forgiveness and Natalie Wood: 11-19-11

Sunny With No Chance Of Angst; Medication Dilemmas: 11-20-11

Now that our daughter is out on her own, with her own apartment and jobs, we are entering a new phase of her life. And so, beginning with the following post, Parenting Adult Special Needs will now consist of weekly posts:

Phase ll Of Parenting Adult Special Needs: One Week At A Time

Super Good Week: 12-5-11

The Artichoke: 12-12-11

Uneven Terrain: 12-19-11

Medication Rears Its Ugly Head: 1-2-12

Typical Friends And The Cyber Social World: 1-9-12

Texting While Sleeping: 1-15-12

Who Defines Disability? The DSM V and Autism: 1-23-12

Leap Year: 1-30-12

Heading To The Dog Show: 2-13-12

Two Ladies About Town: 2-20-12

Social Graces and Seven Months: 2-27-12

Closing In On A Year & Building Trust: 3-12-12

A Year’s Journey From All Sides Now: 03-26-12

A Humbling Journey with Warts and Blemishes for All To See: Part 2: 3-27-12

News, and a Special Opportunity for My Readers

Mom, I Know I Was Born With Eggs: Parenting Adult Special Needs One Month At A Time

The Busy Life Of A Special Needs Adult: 6-25-12

The Red Couch Is A Year Old: 8-9-12

Shining Boots, Shifting Staff and Book Clubs: 9-25-12