Riverview School

A Magical Combination & A Swimming Buddy: 10-19-11

Angelfish Rocks: Our daughter apparently had a mighty fine time at her first full-fledged Angelfish swim lesson last evening. Her ABD staff told me she worked well with her new swim buddy, a young gentleman of similar age who welcomed companionship in the pool. I am thrilled. They did laps and jumping jacks and whatever […]

Flying Home On A Donut: 9-24-11

We Made It: I missed an exit leaving the Cape, no surprise as I was super sleepy. Sharing a bed with our daughter in an Inn she disliked (my mistake) left me super drained and groggy. Probably stirred up by the prospect of the following morning’s memorial service and reunion with former classmates, teachers, and […]

A Date And A Cake: 8-11-11

Celebrating Again: A dear friend and colleague who lives three doors down from our daughter’s apartment visited last evening with her daughter, a cake and a splendid bouquet of yellow flowers. My husband and I escorted the ladies out to a local restaurant where our daughter regaled them with her take on Planet of Apes, […]

Buying Underwear At The Mall: 6-25-11

My Heart Swelled: Yesterday was a pretty femme day, haircuts and two trips to Victoria’s Secret at the mall, the first at our daughter’s request to purchase undies with some graduation money. The second to buy a gift for a cousin, another Victoria fan. As we entered Victoria’s chambers, a patient rang me on the cell, […]

Who Will Teach Her Now? 6-23-11

What Will Happen With Money, Time and Measurement Issues? At our meeting two days ago with the service agency, Ability Beyond Disability, I brought out one of those refrigerator-size white 3-ring binders labeled “Career Portfolio” that Riverview/Grow and our daughter have assembled over two years. The contents include her vocational evaluations from Project Forward where […]

OMG We Got The Apartment, I Think: 6-14-11

Busy First Day Of Adult Phase 1: Our daughter had her lunch meeting with future apartment mate and six ABD team members yesterday at the Olive Garden. The other mother was working so when I showed up with our daughter, the team asked me if I wanted to stay (I didn’t) but I bowed to our […]

The Blossom Award: 6-13-11

All Graduated And Ready For Adulthood, Phase 1: A soggy but sentimental and satisfying Riverview graduation weekend is over. Our little graduate, Grow class of 2011, was awarded the Blossom award for …blossoming this year, into a pretty powerful, ever curious and learning young adult female. A conglomerate of 19 family members, from both sides […]

The Apartment Challenge Continues: 6-9-11

Does It Take A Village To Find An Apartment?  What was viewed as a no-brainer a couple of months ago, finding a two-bedroom apartment in the desired complex, is now a daunting task. We have spread our search to other apartment complexes and buildings. The other mother and I, our realtor and the service manager […]

On The Brink Of An Apartment: 6-8-11

Victorian: The other mother went over to check out this apartment I saw on Monday in a Victorian house within walking distance of Main Street. This might work. Spacious rooms, bathed in sunlight, expansive porch and the police station around the corner. It is an authentic Victorian which means a bit old fashion and a […]

Count Down to June 12: 5-29-11

Thirteen Days Away: Sunday two weeks from today at 10 a.m. our daughter, dressed in cap and gown, will enter the tented arena for the Riverview/Grow graduation ceremonies. I have a lump in my throat and fear in my belly. Memorial Day Perspective: Tomorrow is Memorial Day and the media is a buzz with all […]