adult special needs

The Alphabet Soup of Adult Special Needs: 4-14-11

Acronyms Abound: The category of housing that meets our daughter’s needs is a relatively new designation referred to as a CRS (Continuous Residential Support – different from a traditional group home/CLA “Community Living Arrangement” as CLA’s are licensed, and  funding is different. The CRS “allows  for more self-determination”. PRAT (Program Review….)is the body that will make the […]

Building Momentum: 4-13-11

A Structure Unfolding: We have momentum now. On the funding front our case manager and the services director from the service agency are putting the finishing touches on “Packages” to be presented to the funding bodies for approval. On another front, since our daughter’s decision not to return to her school/camp for the five week […]

Exiting: The Purpose of This Meeting 4-12-11

The Final PPT:  Yesterday, I received confirmation for our final PPT, mid May. Our daughter is now about to “exit” from our school district after 13 years of being under their auspices, since the age of 3. From her entrance into an inclusion special education preschool through her freshman year at the local high school, […]

Our Daughter The Blogger? 4-11-11

A Question of Privacy: Our daughter knows that I write a blog on couples relationships. As yet I have not told her that I began blogging on her aging out process. I figure this is a conversation to have in person, with visuals. She has enough on her plate, as they say, without adding another […]

Structure or Regression: 4-10-11

A Tenet of Special Needs: Every parent of a special needs child fears “lack of structure”. You begin to hear that term as soon as your child is identified. I assume you work at it for the rest of your functioning parental life. Because, the warning goes, if your child does not have “structure”, they […]

Looks Like She Is Ready: 4-9-11

Saturday 11:30 a.m. ” I want to do Angelfish with Cindy this summer”. Our daughter appears to be ready to leave her school for good! Wow. She proudly announce this decision before noon today via cell phone.  “I need to work this summer!” Tempted But Controlled: I was briefly tempted to review that both Angelfish […]

Confusion Looms: 4-8-11

Grey Choices:  Making decisions when grey is the color of the moment, is tough for all of us. Our daughter is at a crossroads of such a situation. Summer Planning is Obtuse: Eluding us is a concrete aged out plan for the summer due to funding delays. Question: should our daughter return to her school […]

Funding: A Cautionary Tale, 4-4-11

Vigilance Required:  As we approached our daughter’s 21st birthday, and subsequent aging out of our school district, we considered whether an out-of-pocket third post secondary year at her special education boarding school, would be indicated. “Out of pocket” 100%! Our local school district has funded an important portion of our daughter’s education for the last […]

Having A Comrade Helps: 4-3-11

Our daughter is matched with another young lady to share an apartment (a CRS), and supervisory staff (utilizing the same service agency, required,  and a common DDS case manager, helpful but not necessary). Two young ladies together is good. For funding and other reasons, three would be better but no other match exists at this time. […]

Crazy Quilt, 4-2-11

The actual date of the allocation of funding for our daughter’s new life remains elusive due to the labyrinthine nature of bureaucracy. Slated as a “priority age out”, that is, 21 years old, and having lived outside the parental home, with a sufficient level of need, our daughter is in a good position to receive […]