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Have a Happy Thanksgiving from The Couples Tool Kit!

Jill is taking a vacation from the Blog this week for Thanksgiving. She’ll be back next week with new posts for both the Couples Tool Kit and Parenting Adult Special Needs: One Day at a Time. We wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. And if you’re looking for Jill’s posts about the stress […]

Holiday Toolkit 2011: The Narcissist’s Stocking Stuffer: A Coupledom Alert

What do you get a narcissist for the holidays? No, this isn’t a bad joke — just another helpful post from The Holiday Toolkit intended to help you survive the most wonderful time of the year. Today’s post from the Holiday Toolkit: Excerpt: How many days to Thanksgiving? To Hanukkah? To Christmas? To Kwanzaa? To […]

Holiday Toolkit 2011: The Divorce Survival ToolKit for Children of All Ages

Holidays are stressful times for The Coupledom. Here is another post about divorce and the holidays from the Holiday Toolkit. Today’s post from the Holiday Toolkit: Excerpt: Adult children of divorce as well as their younger counterparts struggle with the new regime, the confusing order of things and benefit from a language and vocabulary that […]

Holiday Toolkit 2011: Holiday Mayhem for the Coupledom?

Holidays are stressful times for The Coupledom. These posts have been popular in the past and offer useful insights, particularly at this time of the year, so we are collecting them here. Today’s post from the Holiday Toolkit: Excerpt: No matter which holiday you subscribe to, whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Passover, Easter, Ramadan or […]

The Narcissist’s Stocking Stuffer: A Coupledom Alert

Holidays Coming: How many days to Thanksgiving? To Hanukkah? To Christmas? To Kwanzaa? To New Year’s Eve? Enough to create a big fat Coupledom mess. What are the holidays known for in my profession? Opportunity for families to become combustible, leaving memories scorched with flames. Why? Holidays provide fertile ground for narcissistic orgies rich in […]

Oldies but Goodies: Women are Frightened But Men Are Not Listening: The Disconnect in The Coupledom

The October nor’easter did in fact leave southern Connecticut without power…again. So while Jill is reading by candlelight, here is one of her most popular posts from the past year or so. Excerpt: A couple sits in my office reviewing a painful exchange in which the wife ascribed a well-intentioned action of her husband’s to […]

The Affair: A Symptom of Marriage Rot or A Rotten Spouse?

Affairs Come In Colors: Not all infidelities look alike. The red-hot mega-media adulteries are not the prototype for most unfaithful Coupledoms. The shades of color for the common household variety of betrayal are in grays, not black, white or red-hot. Yet folks on either side of the betrayal highway feel more comfortable thinking in black, […]

50% Of Us Is Done: Marriage Over?

The Unfairness Factor: One of the more profoundly emotional experiences in couples work is watching the demise of a Coupledom when only one of the partners is “done.” The spouse who wants to keep the marriage alive is outnumbered. Yes outnumbered because it only takes 50% of the vote to emotionally dissolve the marriage. How […]

Finding Love Over Fifty Online?

Can Dreams Come True After Fifty-Two? I am hearing a lot lately about older folks meeting up and partnering or even marrying, happily and in many cases, unexpectedly. Unexpected in that either they had been searching for years with no results, or surprisingly lucky when they began their search to find the perfect mate. Perfect […]

Bully Wives? Yes, But They Don’t Know It.

Powerful Impact: Women are depicted as the “weaker sex”; have been for centuries. And in so many ways the inculcation of that notion, along with certain biological and physical realities, has successfully rendered them so, a state many of us fight each day. Yet there are times when sitting in my office, or out socializing, […]