Free Holiday Gifts

As the holidays consume our time and attention, I suspect reading blogs will fall down on the “to do” list. But just in case you have a moment now or after the Times Square Ball drops us into 2012, take a peek at the contents page of The Couples Tool Kit. Or dip into the “search” category.

I have been posting on couples’ relationships for over two years with topics covering a broad area. There is a post dealing with weight gain in The Coupledom; a post about depression as the secret menace; the passive-aggressive punch that unhinges many a Coupledom; the plethora of narcissistic challenges from spouses, in-laws and parents; divorce and ex-laws; divorce and children; singledom blues; gift giving; sex – a powerful absence; women frightened and men not listening; infidelity; education of children, a needed Coupledom priority; having gay, Muslim, Hasidic, or transgender children; bullying wives; dreams as a tool with which to communicate in marriage; myths in marriage; adopted adults adopting; the art of listening to each other; denial and addiction in The Coupledom.

Many more posts but I think my message is clear. These are my gifts to you for the holiday. Sounds presumptuous? Perhaps, but they are also free.

Merry and Happy Everything to you all. I will be back with both a Coupledom piece and a Parenting Adult Special Needs post immediately after New Years.

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