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Marital Myths: I Thought I Could Change Him/Her

Chemistry Compromises Clarity: We meet, we spark and we bond. What are the variables that allow folks to desire attaching themselves to someone? Physical attraction is a pretty heady draw but if met with an unappealing personality, a “dud” may not sustain its spark. There are many additional sources of attachment attraction. “We have fun […]

Phase ll Of Parenting Adult Special Needs: One Week At A Time

Back To Business: A full week away from writing my blog has been strange indeed. Though the time was bathed in the joys of turkey grease, sweet potato skins, family fun and amazing Fall weather, I do enjoy being back at the keyboard. A daily ritual was absent and no surprise that the experience was […]

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from The Couples Tool Kit!

Jill is taking a vacation from the Blog this week for Thanksgiving. She’ll be back next week with new posts for both the Couples Tool Kit and Parenting Adult Special Needs: One Day at a Time. We wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. And if you’re looking for Jill’s posts about the stress […]

Holiday Toolkit 2011: The Narcissist’s Stocking Stuffer: A Coupledom Alert

What do you get a narcissist for the holidays? No, this isn’t a bad joke — just another helpful post from The Holiday Toolkit intended to help you survive the most wonderful time of the year. Today’s post from the Holiday Toolkit: Excerpt: How many days to Thanksgiving? To Hanukkah? To Christmas? To Kwanzaa? To […]

Sunny With No Chance Of Angst; Medication Dilemmas: 11-20-11

Sunny With No Chance of Angst: We hope. The young ladies seem to have passed their first domestic crisis and spent Saturday attending a matinée of The Wiz at our local High School. Last heard from, our daughter was coming back to their apartment for a chicken dinner. Medications in The Special Needs World: Given the propensity […]

A Hairbrush, Forgiveness and Natalie Wood: 11-19-11

Happy Birthday To Grandpa: If our daughter’s maternal grandfather were alive today, he would be 101 years old. Wow. Our children never met either of my parents but their presence is felt by my children in my presence as their parent. Happy Birthday to you Dad. A Wake Up Call With Horses: My iPhone showed […]

Holiday Toolkit 2011: ToolKit of New Years Vows for Relationship 2010

As we all enter the weekend before Thanksgiving, it’s not too early to begin thinking about the end of the year and the health of our relationships. Here is another post about relationships and the holidays from the Holiday Toolkit. Today’s post from the Holiday Toolkit: Excerpt: Take a moment, contrived as it may sound, […]

War: 11-18-11

The Honeymoon Is Over: Coming off of her Katy Perry moment replete with a meet, chat and photo-op, I was hopeful, with a measure of trepidation, that our daughter would return to her CRS in good spirits and a bountiful heart. Alas, no such luck. Her mate was battling her own demons this week, some […]

Holiday Toolkit 2011: The Divorce Survival ToolKit for Children of All Ages

Holidays are stressful times for The Coupledom. Here is another post about divorce and the holidays from the Holiday Toolkit. Today’s post from the Holiday Toolkit: Excerpt: Adult children of divorce as well as their younger counterparts struggle with the new regime, the confusing order of things and benefit from a language and vocabulary that […]

Amongst The Stars: 11-17-11

11:41 P.M. Our daughter must be meeting the star. Do these mega star concerts run this late? It is Wednesday night and our daughter went off to the Katy Perry concert without hesitation. In the car into NYC I told her that the concert was at Madison Square Garden, a place like a stadium. She […]