Addressing “Married, with Infidelities” within The Coupledom

Taking a break from taking a break, I couldn’t resist commenting on a very interesting article in the magazine section of today’s NY Times, Married, With Infidelities, by Mark Oppenheimer, who writes the Beliefs column. (Especially in the light of all the recent conversation about infidelity surrounding former NY  Congressman Anthony Weiner and his Sexting escapades, about which I also blogged recently.)

It raises many questions, the answers to which, if any, in my opinion, rest within the individual Coupledom. But strolling down this complicated topic lane together can stretch and strengthen your Coupledom. And stroll is the operative word here. Don’t rush the conversation or force it towards answers. The Coupledom that develops the skills to converse personally, trying to avoid gender clichés or stereotyping their partner’s responses, may increase their emotional intimacy, which is mighty important too.

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