Monthly Archives for May 2011

A Five Year Ritual Ends: 5-31-11

Holding Pattern: I think I have been in a bit of a holding pattern for the last couple of weeks. There were a series of meetings that had a finality to them: Ability Beyond Disability some weeks ago where we officially signed our daughter over to their care, come July; the Project Forward, Cape Cod […]

How Do You Translate Special Needs Into English? 5-30-11

A Different Journey: This is the season for parents to mark their children’s passages, whether it is a “moving up” ceremony to middle school, or the great leap from college to…somewhere and beyond. It is a fun exchange of parental pride edged with some skepticism and fear. But for the special needs parent, there is […]

Count Down to June 12: 5-29-11

Thirteen Days Away: Sunday two weeks from today at 10 a.m. our daughter, dressed in cap and gown, will enter the tented arena for the Riverview/Grow graduation ceremonies. I have a lump in my throat and fear in my belly. Memorial Day Perspective: Tomorrow is Memorial Day and the media is a buzz with all […]

This App’s For You: 5-28-11

Tech Eval: Last summer the transition coordinator at our town’s High School referred our daughter for a tech evaluation to determine if she would benefit from iPod touch’s many apps for special needs. The answer was yes so the school purchased the iPod touch and trained our daughter over several sessions, before she went back to her […]

The Little Mermaid: 5-27-11

Which Mermaid Was That? Out of state friends visited some months after our daughter’s birth. I was in the throes of Disney ecstasy, believe it or not, after having seen the Little Mermaid with our son, who shared my joy. After all, what could be more reggae fun than Sebastian the crab and the hysterically evil Ursula, […]

Job Description…Mom: 5-26-11

Geography: A challenging component of producing a rich program for our daughter is transportation. Several interesting offerings are miles apart. Volunteer jobs in animal settings with caring and willing staff may not be easy to find and one intriguing possibility is an hour south of here. The more local option works only with cats, and our […]

All Graduations Are Tear Jerkers: 5-25-11

Tears Galore: All graduations are moving and long. Inevitably when your child or their best buddy walks up to receive the diploma, the heart swells, and the tears spill. A special education graduation offers an additional punch. A real pow to the emotional gut. Tears for The Struggles of Others: There were several student speakers […]

Graduation #1: 5-24-11

Project Forward: This morning we are heading up to Cape Cod for the Project Forward graduation ceremony at Cape Cod Community College in Barnstable. I plan to buy some flowers or a Vera Bradley something while on the road. My husband and son are on board and our daughter is super excited. Three Diplomas: Actually, […]

Exited: 5-23-11

Exit Meeting: Thirteen in all, most on conference call, gathered to finalize our daughter’s exit from the school system. Four institutions were represented: our district High School, Joel Barlow High, where our daughter spent her freshman year; Riverview School, the special education boarding school that our daughter has attended since the age of 16; Ability […]

What Do Your Children Know About Your Coupledom?

Little Pitchers, Big Ears?  Children are sponges. They are meant to be so. Absorbent. It facilitates learning the art of  being human. Parents swell with pride when describing the latest juvenile achievement, seemingly spun from some invisible loom. Yet this sponge-like quality of growing children is recognized by proud parents when it suits us, and denied […]