To My Readers

Thank you so much for continuing to read The Couples Tool Kit. As you may have noticed, I have embarked on a new journey, and I wish to reassure each of you that I will continue to write about issues of importance to The Coupledom.

Parenting Adult Special Needs: One Day At A Time
After 5 years at a special needs boarding school, our 21-year old daughter is “aging out of the school system” and returning to her home state to begin a new chapter in her life as an independent special needs adult. I will be writing daily posts which chronicle aspects of that journey from a parent’s perspective in the hope that our family’s experience dealing with the complexity of bureaucratic, practical and emotional issues will be of use to others.

For new readers who would like to catch up on this series, you can find them here in chronological order. To receive each new post by email, please subscribe to my blog.

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