Monthly Archives for April 2011

Becoming a Client: 4-30-11

Admission Paperwork: On Friday, May 6th, our daughter becomes a client of her service agency. The other mother and I are instructed to bring psychological evaluations, documentation of all income sources such as SSI and SSA; Medicaid and social security cards; guardianship documents; recent medical exams; lists of medications and doctors information to a meeting […]

Clarification: No Magic Wand Here: 4-29-11

Looks Easier Than It is or Was: As I continue to blog about the next chapter in our daughter’s life, I want to make sure folks know that I stumbled along in the darkness for a long time too. That pieces of this crazy quilt are slowly assembling should not obscure that I had no […]

Inspection Rehearsal: 4-28-11

Passed So Far: At the request of myself and the other mother, the service manager from our daughter’s soon-to-be service agency and a DDS representative met with the realtor and me at a 2-bedroom apartment in the complex where we hope the young ladies will reside. The purpose was to find out if this unit, though […]

Kate and William: The Royal Coupledom

Love In The Limelight: It is difficult to know which combination is more challenging: a coupledom where both parties are super famous as in Brangelina; one party is famous and the other unknown, by contrast, as is the case of Kate and William; or both parties are famous but one is a superstar; an example […]

Discomfort Zone: 4-27-11

Scathing But Essential: Yesterday’s post resonated with a number of moms who identified with the need to present their child’s abilities with scathing accuracy. Scathing in the normal world, because the flaws and imperfections, weaknesses, incapacities, seeming “stupidities” are emphasized, not the talents, the goodness nor the abilities. This is a deeply painful process for a […]

Needs Based Assessments and IQ: 4-26-11

A Significant and Subtle Difference: While on the campus of my daughter’s school Sunday I ran into a mom whom I have mentioned here previously. Her daughter has two more years at school before she “ages out” into the adult special needs community. It is increasingly clear to me that a seemingly innocent evaluation by […]

The Coupledom: Is It Too Late?

Inspiration: This post was inspired by a friend. He calls it “Nurture the Coupledom.” He and his wife arranged for their child to be left with grandparents for her first overnight to enable them to  “go out”, as in a “date night.” I could hear his pride both in his daughter’s readiness for this big […]

Graduation Queen: 4-25-11

Closed Stores and Opened Hearts: Our visit with our daughter was delicious. Not because we shopped until she dropped, because most of the stores at the outdoor mall she had chosen, were closed for Easter Sunday. She weathered this disappointment without a blip. In the past, this would have been a disaster. The restaurant she […]

Easter Sunday With Our Daughter: 4-24-11

Eight Hours Roundtrip: Our daughter has invited us to spend Sunday with her. She has planned the entire day. In consultation with her dorm counselors, her own excellent internet skills and keen eye for shopping possibilities and eateries, she has picked a new locale for her folks to visit with her. Empowered and Proud: You […]

Aging Out Scenarios: 4-23-11

Each One Is Different: Our daughter’s boarding school offers a transition weekend program each school year. Over five years, I attended three of these weekends. Amongst an offering of workshops on a range of relevant topics, the program includes a panel of parents whose children graduated from the school and are now in that phase […]