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Owning Your Stuff Builds Coupledom Trust

Trust Busters: There are ample ways to mar and maim belief in someone’s regard for you. Trust marring can be as fleeting as overhearing a derisive comment about you, or as weighty as discovering romantic texts and hotel charges. Like the derma that covers our organs, we have muslin-like layers of protection covering our emotions; […]

Lara Logan’s Brave Battle To “Out” Sexual Assault

The Courage Not To Remain Silent: Many are following the news coverage of CBS correspondent Lara Logan who was sexually assaulted when separated from her crew during the celebrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square last Friday. Controversy has ensued and comments range from outrage, support, mockery and questions regarding the release to the media of a […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts Take Some Knowing

Listen and Learn: Over the decades, I have been privy to the attitudes, joys and disappointments of countless Valentine Days. Due to this rich sampling of heart shaped emotionalism, my gift to my readers is the wisdom gleaned from the unique vantage point of the clinician: Think! ¬†What Do I Know About My Partner, his/her […]