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ADD, OCD, BPD, NPD: The ABC’s That Influence The Coupledom

Personality Styles and/or Disorders: Tara Parker Pope’s New York Times Well blog this past week tackled the topic of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and marriage. Researchers are hard at work studying the impact of a partner with ADHD on their relationships. No surprise to find out that indeed there is an “impact”. Bewilderment in […]

Women are Frightened But Men Are Not Listening: The Disconnect in The Coupledom

Women Know Something That Men Need to Know: When a friend mentioned that her teenage daughter’s driving instructor suggested she relax her shoulders, complimented her appearance and bemoaned the fact that his job restricted personal revelations, the mom’s antennae went sky-high. It soared when her daughter added that her girlfriend had similar inappropriate moments with […]

Couples Communication: What Are We Teaching Our Children?

Modeling Communication:  Without a doubt, the ticket to Coupledom disaster is best acquired by non-communication. Couples who choose therapy are talking just enough to reach a consensus to get help. Couples who can’t talk communicate with attorneys. What boggles this therapeutic mind is where did these folks learn to “not communicate”?  As a culture, we […]