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Husbands Have Changed: Have Wives Noticed?

Time Out to Consider Dad: Saturday’s New York Times (6/19/10), in anticipation of  Father’s Day, published an article by Tara Parker Pope entitled “For Fathers, A Tough Balancing Act”. The article and a similar piece in the New York Times November 2, 2009 by Laurie Tarkan “Fathers Gain Respect From Experts (and Mothers)” inspired me […]

More Gore: A Window Into Our Worries: And A Wake Up Call

A Litmus Test For All:  Reactions to the Gore’s separation has provided a bit of a window into the thinking of males and females regarding the downfall of a 40 year marriage. Conversations and emails commenting on the separation reveal more about ourselves than about the Gores. As most of us are outside of the […]

Al & Tipper: Growing Apart Green

Why? The news that the Gores are splitting up may shock most of America but only because no one cheated?  Well may be no one cheated but also cheating is not the only deal breaker in a marriage. Speculation with The Goal of Prevention: For the purpose of raising awareness, and, with the aim of […]