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Marriage and The Immune System: Toxicity in the Coupledom

Married Healthy or Married Sick? Over the decades scientific research has suggested that marriage may provide benefits for longevity and health. However, now that researchers have refined their techniques to measure “health” and “stress” in more nuanced forms, the quality of the “marriage” as anyone in a marriage knows, casts vast shades of difference over […]

Dodging The Bullock Bullet: Why Do Women Marry Philanderers?

Philander: Readily or frequently enter into casual sexual relationships with women (Oxford College Dictionary, 2007). Philanderer, informal definition:  Womanizer. What Were They Thinking? Sandra Bullock and Norris Church Mailer, sixth wife of  Norman Mailer, and author of the newly published Ticket To The Circus reviewed in Sunday’s New York Times both married men with known […]